Trip Resource Center


The Trip Resource Center is open to anyone needing assistance with transportation or looking for transportation options in Southwest Washington.

  • Connects you with the best available transportation solution to meet your needs
  • Offers additional service options for veterans, seniors, people with disabilities and low-income populations
  • Provides walking directions for short trips, transit directions where applicable and links to transportation providers for longer trips
  • Unexpected delays may occur due to extreme traffic congestion, road construction or weather conditions


Providing those within Southwest Washington a place to easily access information about transportation program and services.


Initial funding was provided through a Veterans Transportation and Community-Living Initiative Grants (VTCLI). On-going funding is provided by Community in Motion.

Featured/Success Story

Through the Trip Resource Center, we can make a real difference in someone’s life. Take for example, a senior client who lives in rural eastern Clark County and doesn’t have a reliable source of transportation and has relied on his neighbors for help. His neighbors were usually happy to assist, but they aren’t always around when he needs transportation, and he doesn’t want to burden them. Sometimes he runs out of food or medication before he is able to get into town to buy more. Through the Trip Resource Center, we are able to connect this client with a regular and reliable transportation program to meet his needs. Stories like these are the reason we come to work each day.

How To Contact Us
Phone: 360.735.5733
Fax: 360.694.1446
M – F 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM