Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors partners with the leadership team to further our mission: to connect our neighbors with access to reliable transportation options that support healthy, independent living. Board members are responsible for executing the mission of Community in Motion, hiring and supervision of the Executive Director, and serving as ambassadors and advocates for the agency. If you’d welcome the opportunity to make a real difference on both individual and community levels, please consider applying for board membership.

Walt Gordon

Walt Gordon

Walt joined our Board and became a volunteer driver with us in September 2020. He is currently the Board Treasurer. Previously, he managed C-VAN for over 20 years and is considered an expert in accessible transportation and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). He has strong connections with local community resource providers. Walt believes accessible transportation is crucial if we want to grow as a community and benefit from the contributions of people with disabilities and seniors.

Mojgan Kasreai

Mojgan Kasreai

Mojgan has been a Board member since June 2017 and is currently the Board President. After serving the maximum terms on the board of the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, she looked for another organization that would truly serve the community and make a lasting difference in the lives of its residents. After studying a few other nonprofits, Mojgan chose our agency for the positive impact that access to reliable transportation services has on the lives of so many in the community where she works and lives.

Ashley Kellogg

Ashley Kellogg

Ashley joined the board in early 2021. She has been a nurse since 2001, and has led quality improvement projects in hospitals since 2011. Recently she has been supporting projects that have uncovered barriers the community encounters with completing follow up care after leaving the hospital. Ashley believes Community in Motion is a critical resource in keeping our community healthy and connected. 

Harry Kiick

Harry Kiick

Harry began volunteering on the Board in 2015. He brings 25 years of grassroots experience using public transportation of various types. He also has been a citizen advisor to C-Tran since 2007. His reason for being a part of the agency is to continue advancing public transportation.

Debbie Mann

Debbie Mann

Debbie became a board member in early 2021. A member of Giving Group Realty at Keller Williams, Debbie brings over 20 years of professionalism in business and marketing skills. Her background includes restaurant management, administrative accounting, and raising a family. Debbie settled in Vancouver, Washington at the age of 20 to raise her family and is proud to be a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. Along with this Debbie has the heart to serve in her community and has focused on serving the elderly. She believes that mobility and socialization are a vital part for all of us. 

Linda O'Leary

Linda O'Leary

Linda joined the Board in 2015 and currently serves as past Board President. She joined our agency after retiring as Executive Director at Progress Center in Longview, Washington, where she spent many years teaching young children. Besides serving on the Board, Linda enjoys participating in committee work and particularly appreciates hearing real-life success stories from program staff.

Tangee Summerhill-Bishop

Tangee Summerhill-Bishop

Tangee began volunteering on the Board in 2017 and is the current Board Vice President. With an extensive background in corporate marketing, she brings a wealth of experience and talent to her role on the Board. Tangee understands commitment to the mission and, for her, it’s also personal. With a senior family member who suddenly needed to get to important medical appointments, the services offered through the agency proved to be an invaluable lifeline. Tangee continues to grow awareness of the agency and the life-enriching benefits it brings to some of those most in need in our community.

Our Staff

Community in Motion owes our continued success to the dedication and hard work of our talented staff members. Each one has a passion for pursuing diversity, equality and inclusion in our community through access to transportation.

Bill Baumann

Bill Baumann —Mobility Coordinator

Since 2015, Bill has served as Mobility Coordinator. In that capacity, Bill works to increase transportation and access to services for seniors and people with disabilities in Clark County. Bill firmly believes that reliable and accessible transportation options are integral to making Clark County a better community for all.

Jeananne Edwards

Jeananne Edwards —Interim Executive Director

Jeananne joined the agency in 2019. Previously she managed call centers for the car rental industry. She feels fortunate to be in an organization dedicated to connecting people with the transportation they need to maintain an independent life. She loves working with the community to find solutions that enable people to get to where they need to go. *Jeananne stepped into the Interim Executive Director role. 

Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly —Transportation Services Manager

Michael joined our organization in 2007. After working on the “front lines” of the call center for a number of years, he brings a ground-floor perspective to the management team. Helping people is a value that was instilled into Michael from a very young age. He finds it interesting to learn how different modes of transportation interact with each other. Working to ensure that Community in Motion’s programs work safely, efficiently and reliably is what drives him each day.

Angel Kettwig

Angel Kettwig —HR / Administrative Coordinator

Angel began as a temp in the call center in 2015. She loves working behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly for those in the community who need our services. From an early age, Angel has found it fulfilling to provide whatever help she can for those who need it.

Colleen Kuhn

Colleen Kuhn —Executive Director - Retired

Colleen joined our team in 2005 and has served as Executive Director since 2008. She is responsible for the administration and management of our programs, operations, staff and funding directly related to the organization’s mission, with oversight by the Board of Directors. Colleen is passionate about engaging community partners to further transportation options for all. *Colleen has retired from the agency begining August 2021. Her work has made a big impact on the agency and we will miss her.

Maggie Lund

Maggie Lund —Transportation Program Specialist

Maggie has been with the agency since 2011, working with the specialty transportation programs, including the Bike-to-Work program. She enjoys working with our community partners to provide safe and reliable transportation for employment, medical and other basic services.

Our Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to connect our neighbors with access to reliable transportation options that support healthy, independent living.

Our Core Values

We serve our community by continuously seeking to understand and meet the changing needs of the community both externally and internally. We demonstrate P.R.I.D.E. in all of our actions and interactions:

  • Passion by putting our enthusiasm, heart and mind in our work to give the very best to those we serve
  • Respect of self and others to maintain and improve our services and workplace
  • Integrity through our work in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical
  • Dependability by maintaining a standard of excellence in our work so that our internal and external customers, partners and community can rely on us
  • Empathy by showing clients and the community that our service comes from a place of caring and understanding

Our History

Since 1946, our agency has housed a number of different programs supporting seniors, people with disabilities, youth, and other at-risk populations in Southwest Washington. The agency began as the Clark County Council of Community Agencies. In 1951, we expanded and became the Vancouver Council of Social Agencies. In 1957, we again looked at area needs and incorporated with a focus on social planning and fundraising in Clark County. Two years later, a Committee on Aging was formed to look at ways to support our aging population. In 1990, the agency’s name changed to Human Services Council (HSC) to reflect our mission of helping people. In 2021, our agency again changed its name, this time to Community in Motion, reflecting our agency’s role in providing community transportation services.

Our agency has evolved with the changing needs of our community and has always been deeply committed to connecting our neighbors in southwest Washington with each other, and with the services that enrich their lives. This mission comes to the forefront with Community in Motion. Below are a few of the more recent milestones that brought us to where we are today.



Non-Emergency Medical Transportation begins to provide people on Medicaid with transportation assistance to get to their medical appointments.


Employment Transportation begins, funded through consolidated grants from WSDOT to help Clark County residents get to their jobs and job-related activities.


Reserve-A-Ride begins to help with medical transportation needs so those without Medicaid assistance can get to life-sustaining medical appointments.


We conduct our first Bike to Work training to help people who don’t live on bus lines get to bus stops.


The Mobility Management Program begins to identify transportation system gaps and collaborate with community organizations to match consumer needs with transportation resources.


Launch of Volunteers in Motion which allows us to provide rides in Clark County for people over 65 or with a disability with the help of volunteer drivers.


The agency updates our name and logo once again to Community in Motion to highlight our emphasis on connecting people with the transportation they need to lead healthy, independent lives.